See the need and make a difference.
Every child deserves a bright future. So we work hard to make sure nothing gets in their way.
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Help make the world a kinder place for animals
Our Foundation is Foster-based and aims to grow our Foster Family and rescue even more animals, giving them all a loving home.
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You Can Make a Difference

Rear View Of Family Standing Outside New Home On Moving Day Looking At House

Be A Forever Home

Forever change your life and welcome a new face into your family.


Volunteer Your Time

With your help, they can be supported through their new journey on their way to their forever home.


Make A Donation

We are only able to do what we do with your help and support.

PAPs Org for children and animal rescue

We work hard to protect children from harm and help them access quality education and health services.

Our vision is a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development, and participation.
Your support is critical in helping ensure every child gets a healthy start in life, an education and the chance at a better future. Thanks to supporters like you, our programs are helping improve the lives of children here in Australia and all around the world. We simply couldn’t do the work we do without you. Our policies, procedures and guidelines ensure we uphold the integrity of our work and that we are always working in the best interests of children. Our policies guide our employees to understand their roles and responsibilities to children and assists them to positively and respectfully engage and empower children and families.

PAPS has extensive rescue, rehabilitation, foster and adoption programs for dogs. We rescue animals and provide the best medical care available for them. When our rescued dogs are ready to leave hospital we transfer them into rehabilitation, often for months. We find wonderful loving families to adopt them as family members. We promote responsible pet ownership and pet health. We endeavor to be a voice for animals whose cries for help are not heard. Paps org is working toward animal welfare reform and an end to animal suffering.

Our stories

Our stories paint a picture of the amazing work PAPs Org does around the world.

A journey of hope

Let's protect generation

Strength. Love. Compassion. And the chance to begin again.

Child rights